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Can I Get My Money Back After I Send It With Zelle®?

Can I Get My Money Back After I Send It With Zelle®?

The short answer is no. Zelle® transactions are not covered by all of the same protections as debit cards, credit cards, and other electronic payments such as ACH transactions. That's why we recommend that you treat Zelle® like cash.


Treat Zelle® like cash


If you use cash to pay your water bill, you're not going to be able to go back later and get your cash back. We like our members to think of Zelle® the same way.

If you find you've become a victim of a scam (sent money to someone through Zelle® who didn't send you the product they promised) it's unlikely that you will ever see that money again. 




Only send Zelle® payments to people who you know and trust. That does NOT include the guy on the internet who is offering you the deal of a lifetime. Here are a few well-known scams to be aware of:

  • Debt Collections, Debt Settlement & Debt Relief Scams
  • Online Purchasing Scams: Tickets, Animals, Gaming systems, etc.
  • Charity Scams
  • Grandparent Scams
  • Imposter Scams
  • Lottery Scams
  • Money Mule Scams
  • Romance / Sweetheart Scams
  • Secret Shopper or Employment Scams

And here are some red flags to watch out for:

  • If Zelle® is the only form of acceptable payment
  • If communication is through email or texting only (no phone calls)
  • If you're charged up-front fees for the 'service' being provided
  • Being asked to send money to a different phone number or email address
  • Being pressured with a 'sense of urgency' tactic (Example: You Must Act Now! Before It's Too Late!)
  • If the person claims to be in a position of authority demanding payment from you

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The bottom line? Only send money through Zelle® to people you personally know and trust. And if you've become a victim of a scam, alert your financial institution right away and download our Identity Theft Protection Checklist. 


Additional Zelle® Safety Resource: https://www.zellepay.com/pay-it-safe where you can watch videos, take a quiz, and learn more about common money scams. 

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“We are proud to offer Zelle® to the Copper State Credit Union community. It’s important to educate our members and community about how to use it, and any other digital payments services, safely.”
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Can I Get My Money Back After I Send It With Zelle®?
How to Use Zelle® to Safely Send Money
What Is Zelle®? 4 Fast Facts for Newbies