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Access your credit score daily!
Access your credit score using online or mobile banking from anywhere.

Free Credit Score Features

Located right inside Online and Mobile Banking, this tool not only shows your credit score, it breaks down and grades each section of your personal credit report. Want to check your credit score every day? No problem! There is no impact to your credit!

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Identify errors.
By checking your credit score, you will be able to identify and correct credit bureau errors.
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Receive alerts.
Receive daily credit monitoring and alerts for major changes or irregular activity.
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Understand your score.
Understand the factors that impact your credit score in this easy to navigate tool.
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View personalized offers.
View personalized tips to improve your credit score and customized rate offers.
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Your Free Credit Score

Why your credit score matters.

Your credit score is so much more than just a number. It is based on your credit history and is a summary of how you handled your money and bills in the past. Your credit score affects your ability to get the things you need along life's journey such as a loan, housing, insurance and more. It also impacts what loans you may qualify for and the interest rate you will receive.

It's a good idea to monitor your credit score regularly so you can take steps to correct errors and improve your score. Take control of your credit score by logging into Online or Mobile Banking today!

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Mobile App Credit Score Copper State CU

3 Reasons to Get Credit Score

  1. View your credit score any time, for FREE!

    Have your credit score at your fingertips 24/7 for free. Knowing your credit score can help you make money savvy decisions.

  2. Receive Exclusive Offers

    Copper State CU delivers custom money-saving offers just for you in the Credit Report area of the app. The savings is already calculated for you and only a tap away!

  3. Free Resources

    The Credit Report area of the app comes loaded with free resources to help you manage your money and further your financial IQ.


Ultimate Budget Plan

Ultimate Budget Plan to Save You Time and Free Your Money
Make Your Money Work For You!

Keeping an eye on your credit score isn't the only way to keep your finances on track.

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  2. Find Your Financial Goals
  3. Before Starting Your Budget Plan
  4. Add Up Net Income
  5. Tally Spending [Expenses] and Categorize
  6. Quick Budget Plan Calculation 
  7. How to Make Monthly Budget Plan Adjustments 
  8. Mistakes to Avoid

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