We're also offering $5 + $5 awards for students of all ages. Details below!

Making Money Knowledge Fun For All Ages

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Run a lemonade stand & make a profit.
Ages 7-12+
banzai teen icon banzai teen icon
Earn income, buy a car & save your first $2,000.
Ages 12-18+
banzai plus icon banzai plus icon (1)
Navigate insurance, credit & homebuying.
Ages 16+
banzai digital citizenship icon (2) banzai digital citizenship icon (3)
Master best practices for online security.
Ages 12+

$5 + $5 Reward for Arizona Students K-12

Students - complete any of the above courses and bring your completion certificate 🏆 into any of our branch locations.  Show the certificate and open a free savings account to receive a $5 + $5 reward! 

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$5 Deposit
We'll put the first $5 into your savings account for you.
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$5 Gift Card
You'll receive a $5 gift card to McDonalds.
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Parent or Guardian
If under 18, student must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
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Bring ID
Acceptable ID for youth accounts includes state ID or birth certificate.

$5 + $5 offer only applies to students enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade. One certificate per student, one certificate per account. Must have Banzai completion certificate in order to receive the award.

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