It's Easy To Create Your Adventure Loan Package!

  • Select Your Toy

    Start with the boat, RV, motorcycle, ATV, UTV or other grown-up toys for your adventures.

  • What Are You Hauling?

    It's likely your toy will need to be hauled or will do some hauling itself. Pick out your trailer or tow-behind next.

  • Get Your Loan With 110% Financing

    There are going to be additional expenses that come with buying that new toy. We'll finance up to 110% of the value so you can get the extras you need!

  • Now Grab The Gear

    Safety first! Helmets, jackets, boots, the list of gear goes on. Or perhaps you need new camping equipment. Whatever it is, grab it with that extra 10% from your loan!

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110% Financing: How The Adventure Package Works
Copper State Credit Union will finance up to 110% of the value of the toy and trailers you want.

You can use that extra 10% to purchase the gear and equipment needed to ensure you have the safety equipment you need and that you and your family have the best experiences on your adventure.

Example: An ATV and trailer package valued at $30,000 would be eligible for a loan up to $33,000. $30,000 to buy the ATV and trailer and $3,000 cash out.

We're excited about your adventure too! That's why we've put together this package to make it easy and affordable. We have a quick application review process to get your adventure started as fast as possible.

Start Your Adventure Today

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Adventure Loan Package

Let's Go!

Tell us more about your Adventure Package here. We'll work quickly to get you the right loan package so you can start making memories and creating exciting moments!

Start here! Then we'll send you one, simple, complete loan package application just for you!

Adventure Loan Package

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the extra cash for accessories and upgrades on the item I'm buying?

Absolutely! We know that extras are important to enhance your overall adventure experience. These extras include everything from helmets to bike racks to anti-sway trailer hitches and more. Think of these as the additional gear needed to enhance your adventure loan package!

Can I finance jet skis and the trailer at the same time?

Yes! A jet ski and a trailer qualifies for the Adventure Loan Package.

Can I finance an RV and the vehicle I tow behind it at the same time?

Adding a tow behind vehicle with your RV is a smart option for your adventures! We have you covered for both with this Adventure Loan Package. 

Can I finance ATVs/UTVs and a trailer at the same time?

When you're purchasing an ATV or UTV (or even a pair!), it works well to go ahead and purchase the towing trailer at the same time. The Adventure Loan Package works great for this combination!

Can I finance a motorcycle and a trailer at the same time?

When buying a motorcycle, you may want to immediately hit the open road or you may want to haul it to your adventure destination. Both your motorcycle and hauling trailer qualify for the Adventure Loan Package. 

It's Your Adventure: Camping Products and Tips for Wanderers at Heart

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Get ready for your camping adventure with this helpful guide!

Whether you're at a campsite or off the grid, in a tent or motorhome, this eBook has the products and tips you need to enjoy your camping trips outdoors to the fullest. 

Included in this free guide:
  1. Camping Options and How to Choose
  2. Our Must-Haves for All Types of Camping Trips
  3. Camping with a Popup or Travel Trailer
  4. Camping with a RV Motorhome
  5. Help for Your Adventure

All loans subject to approval. Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change and may vary based on creditworthiness, qualifications and collateral conditions. For a 72 month term, the amount financed must equal or exceed $15,000. For an 84 month term, the amount financed must equal or exceed $25,000. Refinanced loans must be from another financial institution.