Man sitting on the couch looking at his phone and drinking coffee
Use Your Phone To Make Payments On Your Loan.

Make Your Loan Payment

Avoid those late fees. Make sure your money arrives on time.

  • Use a smartphone or computer
  • Schedule payments
  • Secure transfers
Make A Payment

We're happy we were able to lend you money. We're just as happy to make it easy to pay it back. Make fast, loan payments online to Copper State Credit Union with a checking or savings account from another financial institution. Here's some inside information on sending us money from an outside account.

  • Transfer money using your personal computer or mobile device1
  • Avoid fees for late payments
  • Schedule recurring payments or arrange for transfers on an as-needed basis

To make a loan payment by mail instead of online, please use this address:
Copper State Credit Union
15458 N. 28th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85053


1 Data charges from your carrier may apply.