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Improve Online Safety This Summer With 5 Free Online Games For Kids

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Improve Online Safety This Summer With 5 Free Online Games For Kids

Whether it's their personal safety or financial, to the rescue comes these 5 favorite free kids games. They'll take up some of your kids online time this summer (FTW) and teach them through fun simulation-style games how to be safe online and manage money responsibly. 


Improve Online Safety This Summer With 5 Free Online Games For Kids


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1. Google's Interland

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Age Recommendation: 7-12
Topic: Internet Safety

Interland is part of Google's Be Internet Awesome Program, which teaches youth the fundamentals of digital citizenship and provides parents and educators with resources to help youth navigate the web and their online interactions. 

At the end of each island within the free online game, players get a certificate for being an internet strong 'Internaut.' How cool is that? Wait, it's not cool to say cool anymore...Don't tell your kids I said that.


2. Banzai Junior


Age Recommendation: 6-106
Topic: Running a lemonade stand business to learn about income and expenses.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy playing this game myself.. Players are given startup money and they have to buy supplies and change the price of their lemonade in order to try and make a profit to pay for things they want. This free online game is ๐Ÿ‘Œ


3. Banzai Teen


Age Recommendation: 12-18 
Topic: Using part-time job funds to pay for expenses and save up for a goal.

The first foray into independence can happen without you having to put your teen behind the wheel of a real car. ๐Ÿ˜… This free online game simulates part-time income and they try to save up for college registration fees. One of the more powerful lessons in this game is when they're given the choice between buying a new or used car, and then they see the impact the monthly payment has on their available funds. 


4. Banzai Plus


Age Recommendation: 13-20+
Topic: Navigating financial decisions in the real world

This course is the real deal. Participants will have a full-time job, and have to pay for everything from rent and groceries to insurance and pop-up emergencies like an appendectomy. They're also trying to save up for a house down payment. It's a free online game that's realistically challenging for advanced middle-schoolers, high-school students and definitely some adults as well (myself included.)


5. Banzai Internet Safety


Age Recommendation: Whatever age your kid is independently navigating online
Topic: Online and financial safety

In this free online game, you simulate signing up for a social media platform called Cybr, and you make decisions about your behavior online for 14 'days' (course takes 1-2 hours). This is a very detailed and super fun game about real-life decisions we make online every day and their consequences. They also tease about a reward if you win, but it's harder to win than you might think! You might have to play several times before you win (not that I would know.)



Hopefully, you've found these free online games helpful to not only keep kids safe from phishing, extortion, financial fraud, and all the other scaries out there, but also help you get through the rest of summer with your kids! We're all about financial empowerment here at Copper State Credit Union, and these courses don't miss the mark. 

Remember, you can always kill some more time this summer by coming in to open your student a free youth savings account, too! Check out our locations - or just open an account online

If your kids would like to further their knowledge on financial responsibility, our article on one of the highest trending money scams in 2021, card cracking, or Webinar: What to Do If Identity Theft Happens to You, are great places to start.


Have you or a loved one recently become victim to identity theft, whether online or otherwise? Check out our exclusive Identity Theft Protection Checklist to help you restore your financial security and identity.









This article is intended to be a general resource only and is not intended to be nor does it constitute legal advice. Any recommendations are based on opinion only.

Improve Online Safety This Summer With 5 Free Online Games For Kids
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