Personal Loan Calculator 

This calculator will help you see how long it will take to pay off your personal loan using your loan’s interest rate and the amount owed.

First, enter the current balance of your personal loan. Then, adjust the loan term and interest rate sliders to reflect the details of your personal loan. When finished, adjust the added monthly amount slider to reflect how much you can save by paying above the minimum payment.

This coach/calculator is for informational purposes only and its use does not guarantee an extension of credit.

Everyone loves a helping hand.

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We know all about that gnarled pit of anxiety you get in your stomach when you realize you're not going to be able to swing an upcoming payment. I Can't Make My Credit Card Minimum Payment...Now What? gives clear, actionable steps for any situation where you're struggling to make minimum payments - regardless of the type of loan or bill. 

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Learn more about your credit score and discover free resources to empower your financial life by checking out our Know Your Financial Health Score and How To Boost It. Knowing your current financial health score is a courageous step in the right direction. Reading about the indicators and gathering resources to help is even more so! And, as always, know that Copper State CU is here to help.